The FrikaFest festival returns to the Soča Valley in October

19. 9. 2023

A celebration of flavors from the mountains and local cuisine.

You are invited to a top gourmet event, where Alpine tradition and local flavors from the valley will meet in one place. The two-day FrikaFest will start on October 6, 2023 with an emphasis on sustainable content. We will touch on local food, the traditional preparation and processing of local ingredients, as well as the possibility of preventing wasted food. An exchange of autumn-winter clothes and fashion accessories will also be organized.

The main event will be organized on Saturday, October 7. It will be spread over many venues in Tolmin. Each venue has its own story.

Farm content is coming to the fore this year, which will be most noticeable in the parking lot behind the Cinema. There is a full-day hay line - an exhibition of agricultural machinery for harvesting hay, which will show us how this important work was done in the past and how it is done today. We also invite you to see the breeding cattle exhibition between 9 am and 12 pm, and at 10 am to join a special guest - the Pelance ranch, where you will be able to meet the ponies. In the afternoon, accordion performances and the band Bleferji will brighten up the event.

Culinary lovers can't wait for the traditional frika preparation competition, where you will be the judges of the competition. Try different tattoos and choose your favorite.

All the time, we will be represented by a market of local produce and products on Cankarjeva Street and in the old town.

All locations and the complete program are already published here >> 

Don't miss a unique event where tradition, culture and taste come together in a single, unforgettable experience!