Road closure Predil - Bovec

22. 2. 2022

From the 19th October 2022 to the 6th March the traffic is regulated one-way.

In the period from 19th February to 6th March 2022, works on the bank near the Kluže fortress will not be carried out under complete closure.

During this time, the road will be half closed.

The traffic will go one-way, regulated with the traffic lights. 

From 7th March 2022 onwards, the works will be carried out again under complete closure.


Complete road closure Predil - Bovec near the Kluže Fort:

From 7th March 2022 onwards the road will be closed:
Monday - Friday: 


Monument with a statue of a wounded lion along the road to Bovec, in the background Mount MangartMonument at the Predel pass, ©David Štulc Zornik