Public guided tour of the Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden

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Public guided tour of the Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden

3. 9. 2022 / Trenta

Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden

Travelling seeds

When plants cease blooming, a fruit develops from a part of the flower (the pistil). Its major task is dissemination of the seeds in which the young plant hides. The latter must now find a suitable place under the sun, usually away from the mother plant that would otherwiseovershadow it as well as compete with it. How smart plants are in disseminating their seeds, you will learn during the guided tour.


Admission to the garden as per the price list; guided tours are free.


Prirodoslovni muzej Slovenije

Prešernova 20, p.p. 290, SI-1001 Ljubljana

T: 01 241 09 40


10. Juliana Alpine Botanical Garden


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