Soča Outdoor Festival

2. 7. 2021 - 4. 7. 2021 / Sotočje

Firsty, bikers will search for this exciting state of mind on numerous trails around Tolmin highlands, and look for peace on the trails of Walk of Peace. Many biking tours will be organized by experienced guides and competitive spirit will be set free during the MTB marathon.

After the completed programme during the day, you will relax in the evening events of Dirt Jumps and Eliminator discipline in the sports park.

Secondly, beautiful trails around Soča will be occupied with surely most numerous group of visitors, recreational runners and those more demanding runners on Trail Running competition.

Thirdly, kayak and raft enthusiasts will be looking for the right wave on the descent/launch, as Soča is truly a magnet especially for sportsmen on water.

Fourthly, gliding jumpers will attend the Borderline competition and hang-gliders the Speedgling competition – they are both organized in Slovenia for the first time.

Finally, we wish the festival to be inviting also for the families and therefore there will be a special place by the river dedicated to them for animation and child care.

Tolmin is widely known all around Europe for its music festivals, therefore we wish to follow the standards set by other festivals in this location. We will take care of a large variety of music events from morning hours on, the visitors and competitors will be entertained and encouraged by electronic music by numerous Djs. On the main stage there will be some impressive Slovene rock ‘n roll bands. For sure, there will be many persevering sportsmen and other visitors with some extra energy left to join the Afterparty during the night.



Soča Festival d.o.o.