At Jazbec, you can savour the dishes of our ancestors.

Idrsko 56, 5222 Kobarid
T: +386 5 38 99 100, M: +386 41 570 126

Jazbec is a true village tavern, where you can still smell the homemade polenta, real mountain cheese, cottage cheese, Tolmin stomach – all the dishes of our ancestors that are too often forgotten or shamed.


Jestival menu 2022

grilled polenta with Tolminc cheese by Mlekarna Planika and autumn mushrooms

Main course:
trout fillet with garlic and cherry tomatoes, baked potatoes and spinach

baked tepka pear with forest honey and walnuts topped with hot blueberries and ice cream

Price of the Jestival menu:
24 €


Gosti____e-Jazbec-Jestival.jpgGostišče Jazbec - Jestival