The Sopota waterfall

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The waterfall is massive: the water falls over a precipice 60 metres deep in three levels. Then it falls into a vast pool, which becomes three times its normal size when the stream has more water. This is obvious by the surrounding vegetation.

We can relax on a plateau above the pool, sit down and enjoy the view like in a cinema. 

Beside the pool there is a spring of healing water wittily named by the locals Babja sitnost (A dame’s nuisance). The water from the spring is supposedly beneficial to the body and it is rumoured it helps with a particular male problem. 

We can also see the Sopota waterfall from the Meli viewpoint a kilometre along the road to Ljubinj. Typical of Meli are stone obelisks formed by rock erosion.


Ljubinj, slap Sopota

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Access to the Sopota waterfall

From Podmelec we head towards Ljubinj and after a kilometre a sign informs us about a marked way to the waterfall. The way is steep at first, but becomes more moderate later on. On dangerous sections it is secured with a fence. After 20 minutes of moderate walking we come to the base of the waterfall. The locals named it after the Sopota stream.

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