Mrzli Vrh Outdoor Museum

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The steep slope above Tolmin, which is now an outdoor museum, is a synonym for the bloodiest battlefield of the Isonzo Front. 

Despite its beauty today, the alpine paradise was forever marked by the memory of the fallen soldiers of all nationalities, who fought on the Isonzo Front. The Mrzli vrh ridge is intertwined with many trenches, caverns and the remains of both defence lines, the Austro-Hungarian and the Italian, which serve both as a memory and as a warning. Many remains are hard to access, therefore we recommend hiring a guide for sightseeing.

The arranged circular path, next to which the young cattle graze in summer, starts next to the Pretovč Mountain Pasture, where you may refresh yourself with homemade cottage cheese and tasty cheese in the summer. From the top of Mrzli vrh there is a beautiful view over the former battlefield of the Isonzo Front.

Mrzli vrh Outdoor Museum is part of the Walk of Peace, which connects the remains of World War I.


Mrzli vrh Outdoor Museum – ACCESS TO THE OUTDOOR MUSEUM

From Zatolmin village on the macadam road to the Pretovč Mountain Pasture (2 hours walk). Access from the western side is possible from Krn village. The route from Krn matches the E7 European Long Distance Path, which gradually ascends the Pretovč Mountain Pasture (1.5 hours of walk). Continue to walk over the mountain pasture above the cheese-making facility to the notches and then along the trail on the left to the walls into which the Austro-Hungarian army carved extensive caverns.

The way to the top goes left past the caverns. There is about 40 minutes of walking from the Petrovč Mountain Pasture to the top. Plan the tour to Mrzli vrh with care, due to several hours of walking.

Mrzli vrh - muzej na prostem

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Muzej na prostem Mrzli vrh - INFORMACIJE IN VODENJE

Informacijski center Pot miru, Kobarid
The Walk of Peace Visitor Centre, Kobarid
Gregorčičeva 8, 5222 Kobarid

T: +386 (0)5 389 01 67
M: +386 (0)31 586 296

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