The Fisherman's House

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The Fisherman's House, which stands on the site of an old dairy facility in the village of Kal-Koritnica near Bovec, is a meeting place for locals, a venue for events and training courses, and an interpretive centre for the fishing industry of Upper Soča Valley. It aims to support nature education programmes, raise awareness among residents and visitors, and train guides for guided tours on the themed trails along the Soča River.

The Fisherman's House brings together, educates, and maintains contact between the locals, heritage, nature, and visitors with the aim of preserving nature, especially the Soča River, the Soča trout and fisheries, and thus the heritage of Upper Soča Valley.

interactive exhibition

The interactive exhibition on the ground floor presents one of the most popular forms of sport fishing – fly fishing. The eight videos in the exhibition show fly fishing on the Soča River, which is the only permitted fishing method in the upper reaches of the Soča River. Visitors can fish for artificial fish in a small pool representing the native or indigenous fish species to the Soča River, i.e. the Soča trout and grayling.

Ribi__ka_hi__a_-_Milan___tulc__4_.JPGThe Fisherman's House, ©Milan Štulc

Fisherman's Trail

The Fisherman's Trail begins and ends at the Fisherman's House, leading to the Soča River – the Breka Pond and presents three themes:

Fishermen from all over the world are attracted to the Soča Valley for fishing, especially by the preserved natural environment and the Soča trout. In the municipality of Bovec, the Soča River is managed by the Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia and the Tolmin Fishing Club.

Ribiška hiša

Interpretacijsko središče za ribištvo
Kal - Koritnica 35
5230 Bovec

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Opening hours

It is possible to visit the interactive exhibition and buy fishing permits for:

From 1. 4. 2024 on
EVERY DAY, 8:30—11:30


for groups by prior arrangement, please call:


T: +386 (0)5 384 19 29

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