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Private military-ethnological museum collection
'POSOČJE 1915—1917'

T: +386 51 302 239

Entrance to the museum collectionMuseum collection 1917, ©Simon Kovačič, arhiv Fundacije Poti miru

ZAVOD 1917

The museum collection "Zavod 1917" is located next to the Italian Charnel House of St. Anton above Kobarid.
In the collection "Kobarid v veliki vojni 1917", which is located on the ground floor of the building, 1,400 exhibits are on display, and in the attic part of the building, the collection "Vojni Veteran 1991" is on display, where 600 exhibits are.

SCHEDULE:     April, May, June: every day from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m
                          July, August, September, October: every day from 10:00 - 18:00

*The collection closes on the last weekend of October

Idrsko 29, 5222 Kobarid

Pot na gradič 5, 5222 Kobarid

T: +386 41 713 829
E: ,

Luk__eva_hi__a_1.jpgLukčeva hiša

Ethno-war museum collection

Closed for tours from 20. 6. to 10. 8. 2023

Kambreško 15, 5215 Ročinj

T: +386 41 528 592

Lukčeva House is a ethnological monument in Kambreško. The house features a preserved entrance hall, a »black kitchen« with open hearth and a wood- fired oven from the 19th century. It is also possible to visit an ethnological collection, a collection of old documents, letters, notes, pictures and a museum collection of First World War artefacts, including the found remains of an Italian military hospital, where the General Badoglio was hospitalized during the First World War. You can visit the Lukčeva House at the address Kambreško 15, upon prior notice.

Zbirka_1914-1917_Foto_Damijan_Sim__i__.jpgCollection 1914-1917 Foto Damijan Simčič, ©Damijan Simčič

Private museum collection
1914 - 1917

Ulica talcev 10, 5210 Deskle

T: +386 41 508 876

The collection of Zoran Šuligoj is exhibited at the railway station in Kanal. You can see a collection of things from the World War I (weapons, personal objects, medical instruments, pictures and postcards) and archaeological findings.

Muzej-pri-Jugovih-1.jpgPrivat collection Pri Jugovih, ©TIC Kanal

Private collection 'PRI JUGOVIH'

Avšje 3 - Seniški breg, 5213 Kanal

T: +386 40 202 919

The home „Pri Jugovih“ is situated along the road between Kanal and Kal nad Kanalom. It features artefacts from the First and the Second World War found by a local in the surrounding area. Apart from bombs, grenades, rifles, bayonets and first aid tools, you can also see old telephones, military uniforms of different generations and countries, an old hearth, tools for the kitchen and hearth, as well as other ethnological objects. The collection can be seen at the address Seniški breg 3.

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