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Between the mighty alpine peaks, under the famous Loška stena, in the open Bovška kotlina or on the snowy Šentviška planota, cross-country rambles are a true adventure.

Exploit the freshness of the Julian Alps and collect energy for the upcoming work efforts. Cross-country skiing is excellent recreation which will also surprise you with the immense beauty of the nature in the Soča Valley.

Cross-country Skiing in Log pod Mangartom, Loška Koritnica

The idyllic cross-country skiing trail in Log pod Mangartom will lead you on the most beautiful tracks right under the mighty Mangart, Jalovec and the steep Loška stena. The cross-country skiing track is about 3.5 km long.

TD Log pod Mangartom, t: +386 (0)41 748 585

Cross-country Skiing in Bovec, Čezsoča

An undemanding cross-country skiing trail, which is up to 8 km long, is situated near the Bovec airport in the direction of the small Rabeljk hill. In the nearby Čezsoča, where the Polovnik hill continually steals the sunrays in winter, there are a bit more demanding cross-skiing trails in the shady parts, which are 3 km long.

Cross-country Skiing on Šentviška planota

Next to the Suše pri Ponikvah Ski Slope a shorter cross-skiing trail on Šentviška planota is arranged, when the amount of snow is sufficient.

Ski Centre Suše na Ponikvah, t: +386 (0)41 755 982

Cross-skiing trails are arranged in adequate snow conditions. Some sports agencies offer rental of cross-country skiing equipment.



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Alpska šola Bovec

Mala vas 111, 5230 Bovec

M: 031 614 265



DK Sport - MTB, Kayak, Ski

Vodenca, 5230 Bovec

M: 051 362 926

M: 040 438 333



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