Kanin cable car for paragliders

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The Kanin cable car is not operating in the 2024 season!

Popular paragliding take-off spots around the Bovec area are Kanin and Mangrtsko sedlo.

Do you love to feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the bird's eye-view? Add the experience and the knowledge of paragliding to that and you will definitely enjoy the flight over the Kanin Mountains: 

Take-Off Skripi (Kanin)

altitude: 1.717 m
description: You can access the launch by Kanin cable car. From Mt. Kanin it is possible to fly towards the waterfall Boka and continue towards Tolmin
suitable winds: SE-SW
warnings: Respect the airport zone!
restrictions: 2.900 m above ground
GPSN 46°21’14.55” / E 13°29’19.99”

Paragliding association Kanin map & info


Landing place Bovec- Breg

location: Bovec - Breg. The landing place is located on the left side of the road from the direction of Bovec towards the Predel / Trenta crossroads.
altitude: 430 m
GPS46°20'26.27"N 13°34'08.04"E
warnings: Possibility of strong valley winds. Respect the airport zone.

Paragliding association Kanin map & info

Warning: There is a possibility of strong wind in the valley on summer afternoons or in case of strong South West wind. Bovec airport is in the vicinity. Check Kodeks prostih letalcev Slovenije (Code of Free Flyers of Slovenia) prior to the flight.

112 – Emergency telephone number.

147.800 MHz – Official frequency for paragliding and hang gliding pilots in Slovenia (not for chatting).


Excellent thermal and wind conditions make Soča Valley ideal destination for paragliders. Drop zone for skydivers above Bovec is also one of the most beautif...

The video was uploaded on  8/28/2019

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 41 seconds.


Kanin cable car information:

Sončni Kanin d. o. o.
Dvor 43, 5230 Bovec

T: +386 (0)5 917 9301
W: www.kanin.si
F: Facebook

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