'Most skozi čas'

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Welcome time traveller!

Dive into the depths of a thousand-year old Most na Soči and swim along the stream of time. You find yourself in a place with over 40 building ruins from the Iron Age and Central Europe’s largest burial ground from the early Iron Age, discovered by archaeologists. A Greek cup was also discovered in one of the graves, bearing an owl motif embodying the Greek godless of wisdom - Athena. This place was first settled as early as several thousand years ago. The surrounding environment shaped it in such a way that it is protected by the the canyons of the Soča River and Idrija River. Its favourable geographic position and natural protection allowed for vibrant relations and trade with Venice, Southern Alps and Central Slovenia.

Enter the age-old history of Most na Soči and help recreate the stories of the era which the time machine will take you to.

Your job is to find FIVE items from five historical periods of Most na Soči.

For each historical period you will have to overcome several challenges represented by the points on the map. Once you unlock a certain number of points from an individual historical period, a secret item from that period is revealed.

By clicking on a point on the map, you open the OWL'S CHALLENGE. Solve it and get to know the lives of ancient citizens.


Game instructions:

Grab your time machine / mobile device and visit:



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