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In the low winter temperatures, the waterfalls around Bovec transform into a paradise for ice climbers.

Despite the littoral air bringing mild winters to the Soča Valley and despite the fact that most waterfalls rarely freeze, there are certain waterfalls that are frozen in cold periods and are very popular among ice climbers. A pick, crampons, a helmet, a climbing belt, a rope and a great deal of boldness are indispensible in ice climbing.

Ice Climbing in Log pod Mangartom, Trenta and under the Krnsko pogorje (Krn Mountain Range)

The difficulty of climbing depends on the route. It is suitable for beginners, accompanied by a guide, and well versed alpinists alike.

The waterfalls of the Krn and Kanin Mountain Range are popular, as well as waterfalls in Log pod Mangartom and those in the picturesque valley of Trenta. The temperatures are very rarely in favour of ice climbing on the incredibly challenging Boka waterfall, which is the most water-rich waterfall in Slovenia. This is a true delicacy and a special challenge, reserved for the best masters of ice climbing.

Check the routes and descriptions for ice climbing on the “Primorske stene” portal. We recommend taking a guide to ice climbing.

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