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One of the most beautiful golf courses in Slovenia lies between Kaninsko pogorje (Kanin Mountains) and the magical filming set of the Disney fairytale The Chronicles of Narnia. Visit for an unforgettable golf experience!

A Game of Golf in Harmony with Nature

There are not many places where the immense beauty of nature and the game of golf are as closely connected as at the Golf Bovec golf course. The golf course has nine holes over a total length of 3012 metres. The holes were named after the natural sights of the Soča Valley. The golf course was planned in accordance with natural configuration, which indicates the directon of the game. Five different tee boxes offer a diverse game and views of the majestic Julian Alps.

The offer of the Golf Bovec golf course amazes both experienced and amateur golfers

You may visit the golf course on your own or in the company of friends or family and choose the offer that suits you best:      

Footgolf, Excellent Fun for All Generations

A simple recreational game, a sort of a mix between golf and football, where a golf ball is replaced by a football, is an excellent opportunity to learn the principles of a game of golf in a quick and easy way. The idea of active socialising with family and friends, a team building meeting or organisation of a tournament can enthuse all generations.

You do not need any special knowledge or equipment for footgolf, because casual sneakers and a little bit of fun to kick the ball will suffice. The footgolf course near Bovec has two sets with different levels of difficulty and length of tee boxes. There are 18 holes on the terrain and, in accordance with the recommended time, the game should take about three hours. The golf course also hosts larger tournaments. Among other things, it hosted a European championship in 2015, which took place under the auspices of the European Footgolf Association (EFGH).

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