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Get on your mountain scooter and enjoy the invaluable panoramic views from Kanin or Mangart road.

The mountain scooter or the “monster roller” or the mountain devil, as some like to call it playfully, is a robust scooter, adapted for riding the mountainous terrain. There is no need for prior knowledge about descents with mountain scooters, however, a pinch of dexterity and a great deal of positive energy are absolutely welcome here.

Descent from the Kanin Slope and the Mangart Road

You may decide for an organised, 9 kilometre descent over the macadam road, from a viewpoint at the slope of Kanin and, if you are not going to ride the scooter too fast, you will be delighted by the views of Bovec and the surrounding mountains along the entire 540 metres of the difference in height.

On the other hand, the mountain scooter descent over the asphalt Mangart road, the highest lying mountain road in Slovenia, is twice as long, i.e. an impressive 18 kilometres long descent. At 2.055 metres you will be surely astounded by the view of the sea of the Alpine world. Are you gathering your courage already?

Service providers

Alpi Center

Dvor , 5230 Bovec

M: 031 783 074

M: +420 731 426 966



Bovec Sport Center

Kot 2, 5230 Bovec

M: 031 263 632



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