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The sport airfield in Bovec is considered one of most beautiful airfields in the Alps. During the summer it attracts sailplane pilots from near and far. Take off and soaring is possible in nearly all weather conditions, since the runway is oriented in the direction of the two most frequent winds in the Bovec area and is very well maintained.

When the sailplane leaves the tow-plane after take-off, one starts to believe those who say that the sun and wind gods have found their home in the Julian Alps. One may guide the sailplane to the company of paragliders and mountain birds of prey, along precipitous walls and above green forests and mountain peaks, while far below lies the ever-present and distinct landmark of the emerald-green Soča River.

Those pursuing record heights never leave Bovec dissatisfied, since particularly in spring and early autumn there are excellent conditions for riding the thermals.


AVIOFUN d.o.o.

Service providers

Slovenia Nature

Seniški breg 1B, 5213 Kanal

M: 040 789 091



Outdoor Galaxy

Ledina 1, 5230 Bovec

M: 040 605 325



Aktivni Planet

Trg golobarskih žrtev 19, 5230 Bovec

M: 040 639 433



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