The 6 Best Swimming Areas in Soča Valley

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When exploring the Soča Valley in summer it’s almost necessary to take a refreshing swim in the emerald Soča river or its tributaries. Due to its strong flow in some places, swimming isn’t possible everywhere. That’s why we list 6 beautiful and safe spots where you can completely relax and enjoy jumping into the water.

We listed the swimming spots from being closer to the Soča river spring (coldest water) to lower stream locations (warmer water).

Dolina_Soce_velika-korita_Jost_Gantar_1920.jpgThe Great Soča Gorge, Lepena, ©Jošt Gantar

Confluence of Soča and Lepena 

Only 15km away from the Soča river spring, there’s a white stone beach at the confluence of Soča and Lepena rivers. The proximity to the Great Soča Gorge makes this swimming spot perfect for sunbathing and swimming, especially after a day-trip to the gorges and hiking in the area. But be aware that the water is really cold here - it hardly reaches 10°C in summer.

Koritnica-Log-pod-Mangartom-Dan-Briski.jpgThe Koritnica River, Log pod Mangartom, ©Dan Briški

Koritnica hanging bridge 

The next beautiful spot is near Kal-Koritnica village, along the turquoise affluent Koritnica. Somewhere up its stream a wooden hanging bridge is spanned between two stone boulders and next to it there’s a small beach. This swimming place is situated in pristine nature and a bit off the beaten path, so it’s less crowded and more tranquil.

Nadi__a---Katarina-Rutar-Ipavec-_45_.jpgNadiža River, Robič, ©Katarina Rutar Ipavec

Napoleon’s bridge across Nadiža

Although the third swimming spot isn’t along the Soča river or its tributaries, Nadiža river resembles Soča a lot - both in color and surrounding nature. The main difference to Soča is its milder temperature which can reach even 20°C in summertime. To take a swim in Nadiža, we recommend going to Napoleon’s bridge which is around 15km away from Kobarid (near Logje village). Just remember to not confuse Napoleon’s bridge across Nadiža with Napoleon’s bridge across Soča which is in Kobarid. 

Sotocje_Hike_Mindfulness-00693-Soto__je_bar.jpgSotočje Hike & Mindfulness, ©Sotočje bar


One of the most famous swimming and picnic spots in Tolmin is at the confluence of Soča and Tolminka rivers. Long white stone beach invites visitors to spend a day in Tolmin and relax at this close to the city beach. In summer a number of music festivals take place on this spot, so if your visit overlaps with one of them, this area could be quite lively and crowded.

Reka-Idrijca_Jost_Gantar.jpgThe Idrijca river, Soča Valley, ©Jošt Gantar

Idrijca swimming spot

In Most na Soči another river flows into Soča and makes its lower stream even warmer. Idrijca river is known for its crystal clear green color and countless beautiful swimming spots. If you go along its stream for about 2km, you get to Bača pri Modreju swimming area which is perfect for swimming in calm water and jumping from the rocks. 

Jezero-Most-na-So__i-Danilo-Lesjak.jpgMost na Soči lake, Soča Valley, ©Danilo Lesjak

Modrej beach

Swimming at the Most na Soči area is one of the most secure places to swim in Soča river, because its current slows down almost entirely. If you’re up for a day of swimming and water activities, such as standup paddle boarding or kayaking, we recommend stopping at Modrej beach. Biking along the river is also a nice way to spend some time at Most na Soči. 


Nadi__a-Robi__-Katarina-Rutar-Ipavec.jpgCycling near Nadiža River, Robič, ©Katarina Rutar Ipavec

What else can you do in Soča Valley?

Many things - from canyoning, paragliding, hiking, cycling to fishing and taking a panoramic flight. You can see all the activities on this link.

But if you’re up for a cycling trip that discovers some of the prettiest parts of Slovenia on a bike, including the Soča Valley, check the 8-day Bike Slovenia Green Alps to Adriatic tour or a similar MTB variant of this route called Trans Slovenia 01

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