Bed and Fishing House

Slap ob Idrijci 48, 5283 Slap ob idrijci

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Holiday home, shower and bath, toilet, modern conveniences

  • Persons: 1-6

Your vacation house is waiting for you

The vacation house “Bed & Fishing” is situated on the edge of a small village Slap ob Idrijci, next to the road which leads to the Šentviška plateau with a beautiful panoramic view on the valley of the river Idrijca and the Kanin mountain range.

The house is a renovated farmhouse, which used to be called “at the Terevičar”. An excellent tailor used to grow up in it, whose father used to spend his warm autumn nights picking fruits around the villagers’ gardens, since he unfortunately did not have much of his own. He made various spirits, which he proudly sold to fellow villagers, since they knew the fruit he made the spirit from was not his. To this day, the tradition of fruit picking stayed with the house’s reputation and today its beautiful garden, filled with various fruit trees, offers its guests to experience it themselves.

A small path leads to the riverbank directly from the house. Because of its beauty, cleanliness and a wide variety of fish species, the river Idrijca is a paradise on Earth for anglers and fishermen. During the summer it attracts many bathers looking for a refreshment and relaxation on the undisturbed riverfront. A natural swimming area is located only minutes from the house by foot.

The situation of the house offers an excellent starting point for fishing on the rivers Idrijca, Soča, Trebušica, Tolminka, Bača and Nadiža. Fishing is the most popular tourist activity of the region. The character of the rivers is diverse and intriguing and the large region allows fishermen to fish in at least one of the rivers even in bad weather.

The vacation house stands on the starting point to the Šentviška plateau, meadow and pasture coated subalpine plateau, overlaid with thick forests and wildlife, crisscrossed with roads and paths, ideal for mountain biking and hiking.


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