Soča Festivalley - Festivals in the Soča Valley

The Soča Festivalley trademark covers a wide range of activities and increasingly more popular and well-visited festivals in the Soča Valley. Have fun at music festivals, enjoy the sports and culture festivals or visit one of the ethnological events.

Music Treats and Hot Rhythms Next to the Soča River

Each year, fans of metal, rock, punk, blues and reggae music from the entire Europe gather at the confluence of the Soča and the Tolminka river.  Festivals, such as Metal Days, Punk Rock Holiday, Overjam International Reggae Festival have many years of tradition in the Soča Valley and are visited by up to 15,000 people.

There have been lively goings-on at Šentviška planota for over a decade, where the charitable festival of rock music, Gora Rocka (Mountain of Rock), takes place. If you want to see daring, breakneck water jumps, do not miss out on the Noč na jezeru (Night at the Lake) event, which has been taking place at Most na Soči for more than four decades.

In the context of international music festivals and the OrkesterkamP school of orchestra, there have been orchestral, chamber and solo music nights in Bovec, which have been created in close co-operation with renowned mentors, conductors and concert performers from the entire Europe.

Sport Festivals and Activities in the Soča Valley

If you are more enthusiastic about sport activities, do not miss out events such as the Soča Outdoor Festival, Soča Valley Hiking Festival or test your strengths at the freshly revived Bovec Marathon running event. The famous Soča Outdoor Festival includes running, kayaking, cycling, paragliding and may other active challenges, among which you will surely find the one that suits you best. The end of the year is reserved for Bovec Outdoor Film Festival (BOFF).

Soča Festivalley, from Culture and Art to Culinary Delights

Creative souls and fans of culture and art should not miss out the events in the framework of Sajeta creative camp. The Jestival Food and Art Festival is an incredibly popular traditional event among visitors of the Soča Valley. In addition to the lively artistic beat, it is accompanied by a rich gastronomic programme with a colourful market of goods, local produce and products.

Entertaining and Ethnological Events

Are you interested in discovering the customs and the heritage of the Soča Valley?  There are quite a few opportunities to enjoy cultural peculiarities and to socialise with local providers and the locals.

Visit the traditional event in Bovec, which was named after potatoes, Čomparska noč. Feel the rhythm of the ethnological event Buški dan or head to the Kmečke igre (Farmers’ Games) in Čezsoča and test your skills in “household” chores. The ethnological event Trentarski senjem, which is situated in the picturesque environment of the magical Trenta Valley, is particularly charming.

On the other side of the Soča Valley, in Baška grapa, you can discover the cultural and the technical heritage at the Odmevi dediščine (Echoes from the Heritage) festival.

Soča Festivalley also does not rest when it is time to chase away winter. Numerous Mardi Gras events are organised in the Soča Valley, among which Drežniški pust (Drežnica Mardi Gras) stands out the most. It is a traditional old Mardi Gras celebration of pagan origin, where young, unmarried, men entertain visitors and natives with their homemade wooden masks.