Adventure parks

The adventure parks combine just the right amount of adrenaline and nature exploration. Park's controlled environment takes out any risk, makes sure families spend quality time with their loved ones and puts smiles on kids' faces.

Soča River - our emerald beauty

With emerald color, lush green surroundings and glorious mountains above its path, Soča River is the star of the sunny side of the Alps. Whether you choose to experience what it has to offer first hand by getting wet or if you are just a distant observer, the Emerald River will always make amazing backdrop for your active holidays.


What could be more fun than a cycling trip that leaves you with enough energy to explore the interesting sights along the way? Listen to birds singing and smell the fresh mountain air while cycling with your family and friends in one of many empty roads or trails in the area.

Water sports

There are various water sports you can practice. For more extreme whitewater experience take a kayak and paddle down the rapids around Bovec or gather a group of friends and take them rafting further down the river towards Kobarid and Tolmin. Soča's tributaries with hidden gorges across the valley offer amazing platforms for canyoning.


There are many circular and thematic trails suited for undemanding family walks. Cultural heritage, WW1 remainings and natural wonders will keep your hikes interesting but crossing suspension bridges over Soča river is what will make you sway!