Freeride workshop Bovec

Data: 2019-02-25

Ora d'inizio: 08:00

Citta: Bovec

Luogo: Centro sciistico del Kanin - Sella Nevea

Kanin is not an ordinary ski resort: it has its own character. Its rudimentary alpine roughness is illuminated by the Mediterranean light and its stone pillars and karst deserts transform into a paradise for cross-country skiers in wintertime.

The course is intended for those who would like to learn more about off-piste skiing. It is suitable for beginners as well as for more experienced skiers who would like to get familiar with the terrain around the Kanin/Sella Nevea area.

In the morning, we will meet at the lower (A) stations of the cable car, where the agenda of the workshop is presented in greater detail. Then we take the gondola to the upper (D) station. After a few warm up runs we continue to explore the surrounding terrain.

While skiing we will get to know the specifics of the Kanin landscape, learn the basics of skiing in a group and learn how to choose a suitable descent (and ascent) line, allthewhile having lots of fun!

The workshop will take place on Kanin/Sella Nevea under the guidance of mountain guide Igor Kremser.

Price: 90 EUR/person (minimum 2 persons)
(Also available as part of the seasonal package)

If you are missing any equipment it is available for rent (for workshop participants the prices are 20% off prices from the Alpska Šola Bovec pricelist).


Alpska šola Bovec

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