Winter hiking tours in the Soča Valley

If you love activities in fresh winter air and the crumpling sound of the fresh snow, choose one of the tips for winter hiking in the Soča Valley.

A walk through the winter landscape should always be safe. Choose a winter hiking tour that suits you best and also matches your physical and mental fitness. Go on a tour when the weather is pleasant and make sure you take enough time to enjoy the natural beauty of the Soča Valley.

Check Conditions for Winter Hiking in the Soča Valley

In winter routes neither maintained nor protected, so is it particularly important to be cautious. If the snow is soft, we recommend snow shoe walks or using off-piste skis, whereas crampons are indispensable equipment on hard icy slopes. Before departure check weather and snow conditions and check the possibility of avalanches, which occasionally happen even on usually less demanding hiking terrains.

We recommend deciding on guided winter hiking, which is organised by some sports agencies in the Soča Valley.

Bovec–Bovec airfield–Jablenca–Bovec Circular route

Lenght 7,7 km

2 h Confulence of the Soča and koritnica rivers, Austro-Hungarian war sites, church of Virgin Mary v Polju Easy
Bovec–Plužna–lake Plužna–golf course–Bovec Circular route

Lenght 6,4 km

2 h Village Plužna, waterfall Virje, source of Glijun, lake Plužna Easy
Bovec–Kukč–Kal Koritnica–Vodenca–Bovec Circular route

Lenght 9,7 km

4 h AvAustro-Hungarian war cemetery, confluence of Soča and Koritnica, Ravelnik, church of Virgin Mary v Polju Easy
Mocl–Plužna–up to Poljanca B6 recommended till you reach Poljanca, take the same way back Lenght 4 km 3 h Waterfall Virje, Source og Glijun  Moderate
Kršovec  – Log Čezsoški Asphalted bridge at kršovec Lenght 10 km 4 h Soča, hanging bridges, village Čezsoča, Log Čezsoški. Recommended when there is no chance of avalanches! Easy
Zapoden valley Cabin at the Source of Soča Lenght 2 km 2 h A walk into the valleyn with beautiful views of the surrounding mountain tops Easy
Krn lakes Dom Klementa juga in Lepena Altitude difference: 685 m 3 h Mountain trail Difficult
Mangart pasture At the beginning of the Mangart road Lenght 1,5 km 45 min Views of Mt. Mangart Easy
Pasture v Plazeh Vas na Skali Altitude difference: 538 m 3,5 h Views of the valley and the surrounding mountains Moderate
Zadnjica Valley Road turn to zadnjica  /  / Walk into the valley, adjust the lenght of your route according to the snow conditions Easy
Road to Gozdec (along the road to Kanin cable car station) Bovec or the road turn to Gozdec  /  / The road leads all the way to Kanin cable car stations, ajdust the lenght of your walk according to snow conditions Easy
Možnice Valley (up to the former watch tower) Road turn to Možnica Lenght  3,5 km  1,5 h Walk into the valley on a slightly ascending mountain road Easy
Božca pasture Road turn to Božca before the Učja border pass Lenght  6,6 km 4 h beautiful views of the Julian Alps at the top Moderate
Loška Koritnica Log pod Mangartom Lenght  4,2 km 1,5 h A long trail; recommended when there is no chance of avalanches! Easy

*Walking time and the level of difficulty depend on snow conditions and each hiker. The data are merely informative.

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