Takeoff spots above Kobarid

With its setting of high Julian Alps peaks, Kobariski Stol is a paragliding pilot’s paradise.

Mountain Stol above Kobarid

Its over 20 km long panoramic ridge tops provide extraordinary opportunities for long cross-country flights and large-scale competitions.

As the highest takeoff in the Soca Valley, Stol (Kobariski) is often the only take-off above the inversion layer, providing opportunities for thermal flying.

Weather conditions:

The ideal conditions are with a very weak general N or NE wind for cross-country flights and a weak SW wind for local flying. With the general SW wind and thermals, the wind usually intensifies quickly.

Description of take-off:
A meadow in the middle of a vast, grassy mountain slope.
Suitable wind direction: SE, S, SW.
GPS (dd° mm.mm): N46° 16.36, E13° 28.39.
AMSL altitude: 1405 m.
Airspace: Allowed up to 2900 m AMSL.
Take-off difficulty level: Easy.
Flying difficulty level: Moderate to demanding
(cross-country flights).
Suitable for beginners: Yes, but only in mild
Access: 27.6 km by car.

Other take offs near Kobarid:

  • Ozben
  • Matajur
  • Kuk

Landing place Kobarid

A large meadow on the periphery of Kobarid.
GPS (dd° mm.mm): N46° 14.47, E13° 34.95.
AMSL altitude: 230 m.
Difficulty level: Easy.

Other landing places.


As pilots, we are mindful of the environment and each other, follow regulations on the land as well as when flying, fly safely and only in suitable conditions, and leave no trace behind. Enjoy spectacular and safe flying!

Remember to purchase a vignette.

112 – Emergency telephone number.

147.800 MHz – Official frequency for paragliding and hang gliding pilots in Slovenia (not for chatting).

More detail and information on the flying areas described here, as well as other Slovenian take-offs, can be found in Paragliding [&] Hang Gliding Guide Book www.bigopensky.com.

Take-off Stol is described in paragliding guide written by Oliver Guenay: Best Flying Sites of the Alps.

Take-off and vignette management

Drustvo Adrenalin

Drežnica 30
5222 Kobarid
T: +386 41 953 370



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    Paragliding with outstanding thermals and unforgettable panoramic views offers long cross-country flying above the Julian Alps.




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