Zorbing in the Soča Valley

Do you remember rolling down the neighbour’s hill as a child? Well, now we can offer you the opportunity to make this experience even more exciting!    

Zorbing (also called zorb, sphering, globe-riding) is a type of recreation of rolling down a hill in an orb. The sport originated in New Zealand and is considered as a moderate adrenaline activity. According to research, rolling with zorb has a positive effect on the mood.

A zorb ball has a diameter of 3 m and is made ​​of a special material. Within this sphere there is a smaller sphere with enough space for two persons. The zorbonaut (a person inside the zorb) is secured with a multi-point harness which provides support while rolling. Zorbonauts are facing one another and are permanently in visible contact. This way we achieve a balanced ride and have a good laugh.

Would you like to try something unusual?

Welcome to an unforgettable adventure ride in Zorbing Center Bovec!


Information and contact:


p: +386 (0)31 808 075
e: info@hydromania.si