Dolina Soče

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Other caves in the Kanin and Rombon mountains

The Kanin and Rombon mountains boast a veritable maze of pits and caves, widely accepted to contain some of the deepest and most complex caves in Slovenia and on a global scale.

Covering an area of 7 km², Rombonski podi is situated at an altitude of 1400 m–2150 m on the edge of the Triglav National Park.

The caves should only be visited by experienced, properly equipped and trained cavers.

Caves in Kaninski podi:

    Skalarjevo brezno, length: 4765 m, depth: 911 m,
    Renejevo brezno, length: 3548 m, depth: 1242 m,
    Brezno pod velbom, length: 1565 m, depth: 910 m,
    Vrtoglavica, the cave with the world's deepest single vertical drop (pitch); length: 643 m, depth: 643 m.

Caves in Rombonski podi:

    Črnelsko brezno (system), length: 11,450 m, depth: 1241 m,
    Čehi 2, Slovenia's deepest cave; length: 5291 m, depth: 1502m,
    Vandima, length: 2500 m, depth: 1182 m,
    the Hudi Vršič pit, length: 737 m, depth: 620 m.