Caving in the Soča Valley

Accompanied by a guide, visitors interested in the wild subterranean world can explore the Mala Boka and Srnica caves.

Explorers of the underground world will find many interesting sites with the potential for everything from leisurely tourist excursions to more demanding expeditions.

In Zadlaška cave, the Renaissance poet Dante Alighieri supposedly found inspiration for the terrifying images of his Inferno.

Pološka cave is demanding, 700 m deep, classic mountainous system with two entrances.

Smoganica is a kilometre-long water cave, a site where the remains of a cave bear were discovered, while in World War I it served as the place for the ammunition storage.

MIG System is a very demanding complex of cave passages and pits in the total length of 24900 metres and reaching the depth of 975 m, accessible only to experienced and well-equipped cavers.
MIG System is the longest cave system in Slovenia.

Comprising a complex system of caves, the karst world includes the Kanin and Rombon mountains, where one of the world's deepest pits is situated. The mountainous karst world overlooking Bovec is a paradise for speleologists, who eagerly explore natural phenomena and search for new tunnels connecting the cave systems.

Although caves in the area are not equipped for massive tourist visits, many of them can still be visited under the guidance of experienced cavers.