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Adventure Park Srnica

The Srnica adventure park combines the right amount of adrenaline and nature exploration. A great choice for all the adventure lovers and suitable for families.

Adventure Park Srnica is located at the hidden gorge Srnica. It is a great choice for nature lovers, adrenaline enthusiasts, families, groups and schools. The climbing part is carefuly placed in the 120-meter-long gorge and combines hiking and climbing elements.

We will ascend through the exposed rock tresholds on steel cables, wooden bridges and slacklines. For the cherry on top our adventure also includes two rides across short ziplines.

The adventure is even more interesting with the exploration of the nearby natural attractions such as typical karst phenomena (gutters, pans, etc.) and specific flora and fauna od the surrounding area.




Outdoor Galaxy

Kot 1, 5230 Bovec

M: +386 (0)40 605 325

SRNICA park pustolovskih doživetij

Kot 11, 5230 Bovec

M: +386 (0)41 600 489