Other active experiences

Other active experiences

Adventure parks

Are you ready for an active adventure that offers the right amount of adrenaline in addition to an exciting exploration of nature? Adventure parks in the Soča Valley are an excellent choice for all generations.

Sport climbing

Do you have a soft spot for sport climbing? Head on a “vertical walk” up one of the climbing walls in the Soča Valley.


Alpine climbing is a special adventure. The walls in the Triglav national Park make wonderful scenery for everybody. However, Alpine climbing is recommended for experienced climbers. 


Accompanied by a guide, visitors interested in the wild subterranean world can explore the Mala Boka and Srnica caves.

Mountain scooter

Get on your mountain scooter and enjoy the invaluable panoramic views from Kanin or Mangart road.


Experience the exceptional adrenaline fuelled descent with inflatable balls. Zorbing in the Soča Valley is an excellent choice for an active experience!


Accompanied by experienced riders, you can explore the valley of the emerald green river, green forests or a longer trip through the pleasant surrounding villages.

Natural swimming pools

Are you ready for summer refreshment? In the hot summer months, the river banks of the Soča Valley are full of those who seek summer refreshment, who lie around during their vacation and enjoy the fresh Alpine air, enriched with a touch of the sub-Mediterranean.

Nature jog

Why would you run in the stadiums and in the halls if you can count your running kilometres in the clean, breathtaking nature of the Soča Valley? Exercise on trails that lead across dreamy pastures, across bridges and rivers, next to the pearls of nature and historical sights.

Escape rooms

Excellent fun, where you will be able to wake up your aptitude for research and entertain your brain cells. An hour of riddles, locks and mind challenges awaits.

Are you not afraid of heights? Adventure parks, sportclimbing, mountaineering with views of the attractive Julian Alps will provide you with the right amount of adrenaline and nature exploration.

Head to a daring guided walk over the protected steel cables or to an organised mini Alpine adventure among the treetops, where even the youngest can enjoy the bridges, ropes and nets a few metres above the ground.

Some of the most primal experiences of the intact nature of the Soča Valley are offered through climbing and mountaineering. However, there is also something for those who prefer to research the underworld instead.