The Water-Energy Trail

The secrets of living water.

14 vital energy points have been discovered using radiesthesia along well marked walkways around Most na Soči.

Specially selected energetic stones, pebbles from the Soča, Idrijca and Nadiža rivers have been placed at these spots to enhance the flow of energy into the environment.

The walkways lead past six interesting water springs, three of which are considered healing by tradition and radiesthesia, eight village stone water sinks, a water catchment from the 1st World War and three carst caves.

The points differ in energy characteristics, which affect human body, the chakras of the body. Descriptions of individual energy points are written on marking poles next to stones. The points are adorned with sculptures of renowned artists.

Information of The Water-Energy Trail :


3 km

Time of walking:

45 minutes


easy trail

Starting point:

Center of Most na Soči