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Matajur (1642 m)

Popular mountaineering tour for visitors from both sides of the border.

Matajur is a panoramic mountain, along which runs the boarder between Slovenia and Italy. From the top there is a beautiful view of the Kobariški Stol, the Carnian Alps and part of the western Julians, where the Kanin group reigns. On the eastern side we notice the Krn and the Krnčica ridge for which we see the top of Triglav mountain. Towards the south-east we see Golaki, and to the south the Adriatic Sea, where you can see the port in Trieste.

The starting point (Slovene way) is on Livek from the village of Avsa or in Kobarid (Svino - Matajur 3 h 45 min). The mountain path runs through the forest and mountain pastures.

Ascent to Matajur from village Avsa:

Starting point: Avsa (860 m), 46,2004°N / 13,5887°E
Estimated walking time: 2 hours 30 min
Difficulty: easy marked trail
Height difference: 782 m
Mountain hut: Rifuggio Pelizzo (1320 m)
Other starting points: Svino, Rifuggio Pelizzo (Italian way)


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