Dolina Soče

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Jalovec (2645 m)

The 6th highest mountain in Slovenia is situated in the heart of the Triglav National Park over the picturesque Loška Koritnica, the starting point of a very difficult mountain trail to the summit of Jalovec.

The statue of Dr. Julius Kugy in Trenta gazes at this majestic mountain in the Julian Alps. Jalovec can be accessed via several very difficult mountain trails (from Loška Koritnica, Vršič, Bavšica). Hikers are recommended to spend the night in the mountain shelter beneath Špiček and hire a mountain guide.

The trail is famous for its breath-taking panoramic views of the Julian Alps.

Ascent to Jalovec from Loška Koritnica:

Starting point: Loška koritnica (780 m) 46,4147°N / 13,6295°E
Estimated walking time: 7 hours 30 min
Difficulty: very demending marked trail
Height difference: 1865 m (2100 m on the trail)
Mountain hut: Shelter Zavetišče pod Špičkom (2064 m)
Other starting points: Vršič, Bavšica