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Mangart (2679 m)

The fourth highest mountain in Slovenia offers magnificent views of the east and west Julian Alps.

The Italian and the Slovenian trail leads from Mangartsko sedlo (2072 m) to the summit of Mangart (also known as Mangrt). Hiring a mountain guide is recommended.

The diverse flora, fauna and geological structures of Mangartsko sedlo and Mangart

These mountains are among the few locations (or, in some cases, the only location) where you can find plants such as the creeping avens and marsh yellow cress. The Alpine swift also nests here. Its unusual geological formation with reddish limestone sandstone deposits (Rdeča glava, Rdeča skala) makes Mangart very popular with photographers. 

Ascent to Mangart from Mangartsko sedlo:

Starting point: Mangartsko sedlo (2055 m), 46,43948°N / 13,65457°E
Estimated walking time: 2 hours
Difficulty: moderate marked trail
Height difference: 624 m
Mountain hut: Koča na Mangartskem sedlu (1906 m)
Other starting points: Mangartsko sedlo on Slovenian trail (very demanding marked trail), Belopeška jezera, Loška Koritnica

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