Dolina Soče

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Via Alpina Hiking Trail

This incredible hiking adventure, the Via Alpina, connects the vast Alpine and Mediterranean world across eight European countries.

Can you imagine what kind of treasury of unique sights and interesting facts is hidden in the Alps? Take your time for an alpine journey and pick a stage that suits you best.

This spectacular long-distance hiking trail is divided into 161 stages overall, which are located in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France and Monaco. It connects five international footpaths, numerous natural and national parks in the Alps region, interesting tourist spots and the worlds of many diverse European cultures.

The Via Alpina in Slovenia and in the Soča Valley

There are two versions of the trail that cross Slovenia, i.e. the longest, the red trail, which winds from the coastal Trieste over the vast European Alpine massif, and the slightly shorter, violet trail, which crosses the East Julian Alps, Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Karavanke in Slovenia.

  • walking time across Slovenia: 7 days,
  • trail length in Slovenia: 220 km red trail, 120 km violet trail

The red trail of the Via Alpina enters the Soča Valley from the picturesque Triglavska jezera lakes. The route spans the Tržaška koča na Doliču, from where it leaves the high mountain world and descends to the glacial valley of Zadnjica. In addition to the incredible flora and fauna that accompanies travellers on their way, the following tourist spots and sights are captivating:

  • Dom Trenta, the Triglav National Park Information Centre;
  • Botanical Garden Alpinum Juliana;
  • dr. Julius Kugy Monument;
  • the Source of the Soča River.

The trail continues along the alpine paths across the Vršič pass, from where it descends between rare larch trees to the Tamar Valley.