Hiking safety instructions in the Soča Valley

Make sure you are safe in the mountains and hike accompanied by a guide.

Check the weather forecast and other conditions along your route. Judge your physical and mental condition carefully. Don't forget to bring the recommended equipment, e.g.:

  • via ferrata protection kit,
  • helmet,
  • headtorch,
  • sunblock,
  • in winter, crampons and a pickaxe.

Wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Remember to take some food.


  • take into consideration your physical and mental condition, skills and experience,
  • bring the right equipment,
  • learn about the dangerous and difficult trails or trail sections,
  • look up the weather forecast,
  • look up any special warnings,
  • protect the environment, don't disturb animals,
  • do not underestimate the difficulty of the hiking routes; do not overestimate your skills and abilities.

Emergency call number: 112


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