Dolina Soče

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Cycling trail to Predel pass

A medium / very demanding popular cycling tour from Bovec along the Koritnica valley to the Predel mountain pass.

Description: Bovec – Log pod Mangartom – Predel

This tour starts in Bovec and continues via the main road to the intersection for Predel and Trenta. At the intersection, turn left for Predel, then continue past the Kluže Fortress and descend to the Koritnica River. Further along is the first pronounced ascent before reaching the village of Log pod Mangrtom. Soon after the village, another long and very steep ascent begins. Climbing this ascent, you rise high above the Koritnica Valley and later above the Predelica, pass the village of Strmec, and finally reach the Predel Pass (1156 m).

On the way through the village of Log pod Mangrtom, one can pause at “Štoln” (a miners’ tunnel), while a bit before the Predel Pass, the fortress and monument (a sculpture of a wounded lion in memory of the brave Austrian soldiers who defended the territory against Napoleonic troops in 1809) are a worthwhile stop.

Length: 33,8 km
Difference in height: 750 m
Difficulty: medium/very demanding cycling route