Cycling tour to Mangartsko sedlo

A very demanding classic biking tour, which leads via a scenic route high amidst the Julian summits.

Description: turning for Mangart (1100 m)-Mangartsko sedlo

The starting point (1100 m) is the turn-off for Mangrt, from where the asphalt road ascends evenly past the Mangrt Pasture (1307 m), passes through three tunnels, and continues up to the site where a gravel road branches off for the Lodge on the Mangrt Saddle (1908 m). The tour continues to the end of the asphalt road and ends at a circular macadam road, which brings one to the highest point: the Mangt Saddle (2040 m). Here one can enjoy a beautiful view over the western part of the Julian Alps. Return is made via the same route. Alternatively, the end of this route (at its highest point) can be used as a starting point for a mountaineering experience, namely climbing Mt. Mangrt (2678 m), or a paragliding adventure that takes one to the Koritnica Valley.

Length: 23 km
Difference in height: 940 m
Difficulty: very difficult cycling route

Sights on and along the way:

  • the Mangartski potok stream,
  • Loška stena,
  • the Mangart plain,
  • Mangart,
  • the Belopeška jezera lakes,
  • Rdeča skala.