Dolina Soče

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Across plateau Šentviška planota

A scenic route along the western edge of the plateau Šentviška planota along the paved road from the Idrijca valley across the plateau to Baška grapa.

Description: Bača pri Modreju-Slap ob Idrijci-Markaduc:

A. Ponikve-Logaršče-Kneža-Bača pri Modreju or
B. Šentviška Gora-Bukovski vrh-Grahovo ob Bači-Bača pri Modreju.

The initial ascent is rather long, but the rest of the tour is not demanding. Our starting point is Bača pri Modreju, our ascent starts at Slap ob Idrijci; at the Markaduc crossroads we can choose between
a) crossing the mountain through Ponikve and descending to Klavže and
b) continuing past Šentviška Gora through Bukovski vrh and then descending into Grahovo ob Bači. We return to Bača pri Modreju through the valley.

Length:  27 / 33 km
Difference in height: 520 (680) m / 730 (830) m
Difficulty: 2


More information and a map:

Tourist and Bike map (Kobarid - Nadiške doline - Tolmin) scale: 1 : 55.000