Road cycling in the Soča Valley

The Soča Valley boasts many panoramic roads which you may travel by bicycle, at the same time exploring and discovering the rich cultural and natural heritage of the Soča Valley.

Cyclists should not miss out the climb over the Vršič pass (1.611 metres), the highest lying road pass in Slovenia, however, perhaps you will find the climb on the highest lying Slovenian road, which will take you to Mangartsko sedlo, (2.040 metres) an even greater challenge. For more comfortable spinning of the pedals, you can choose routes across the valleys of Soča, Koritnica, Nadiža, Tolminka, Idrijca and Bača. The cycling tour across Kolovrat is also full of beautiful views.

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Kolesarjenje Kobarid

by Uroš Švigelj

Road biking | easy

Cycling from Tolmin to Kobarid

16.2 km

131 m

1:09 h

90 m

Počitek v dolini Lepene

by Tomo Jeseničnik

Road biking | moderate

Bike tour in Lepena valley

11.2 km

284 m

1:00 h

284 m