Cycling tour to Loška Koritnica Valley

A semi-demanding biking trail that leads to the panoramic valley of Loška Koritnica.

The tour starts at the turn-off for Loška Koritnica in the village of Log pod Mangrtom. Following the asphalt road, one reaches the Koritnica power station after 700 m. The trail then continues via macadam road past gravel slopes to the gable of the valley. The end of this route can be used as a starting point for a mountaineering experience (climbing to Kotovo Sedlo) or a walk (to the Koritnica Pasture). In addition, this tour offers splendid views of the mighty peaks that form the “wall” called Loška Stena (the Wall of Log), of Mt. Jalovec and of Mt. Mangart.

Length: 8 km
Difference in height: 240 m
Difficulty: Semi-demanding biking trail

Sights on the way: 

  • Koritnica Pasture
  • view to Loška Koritnica wall, Mt. Jalovec and Mt. Mangart