Cycling tour to Krnica mountain pasture

A semi/very demanding biking trail that winds high above Bovec to Gozdec, where one can enjoy a beautiful view over the Bovec Basin.

Description: Bovec - Gozdec - Krnica mountain pasture - Bovec

The tour starts in the centre of Bovec and continues past the church of St. Ulrich towards the hamlet of Plužna. After 1.6 km, the asphalt road ends and the tour continues via macadam road to the B station of the Kanin cable car. After 6 km of steady climbing, the B station is reached. Turn left here and follow the forest trail up to the point where trails branch off for Gozdec and the Krnica mountain pasture. From here, there are two possibilities: taking the left branch for Gozdec via the forest trail that at first rises and then descends, leading to the peak of Kopa (1439 m), which my be reached on foot; or taking the right branch that leads in the direction of the Krnica Pasture and ends after a long and steep ascent to a beautiful vantage point at 1250 m. From here, a 20-min. walk leads to the (now-deserted) Krnica dairy farm and its pastures. Return is made via the same route.

Length: 21 km
Difference in height: 700 m
Difficulty: Semi/very demanding biking trail

Sights on the way: