Dolina Soče

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Cycling trail to Kozmerice

Undemanding tour, suitable for familiarization with the surroundings of Tolmin and Most na Soči.

Description: Tolmin - Volče - Ušnik - Sela pri Volčah - Kozmerice - Most na Soči - Tolmin.

The tour takes us around Mengore and Selski vrh and we return along the lake to Most na Soči. At Kozaršče we may decide to take a detour and see the shrine and military emplacements at Mengore.

Length: 18 km
Difference in height: 40 (130) m
Difficulty: einfacher Radweg


More information and a map:

Tourist and Bike map (Kobarid - Nadiške doline - Tolmin) scale: 1 : 55.000