Kanin cable car for mountain bikers (MTB)

Fans of mountain biking can take advantage of Kanin Cable car for transportation of bikes to stations of various altitudes and then head to Bovec, on routes of various levels of difficulty.


  • Mountain bike route Kanin, a very challenging marked MTB route, suitable for experienced mountain bikers. Start at Station B (985 m), finish in Bovec;
  • Cycling route on the road, a light cycling descent from station B (985 m) on a predominantly macadam road to Bovec;
  • Mountain bike route from Station C, MTB route descends from 1649 m on a macadam freight road to Station B (985 m), from where you may choose a very challenging descent on mountain bike route Kanin or descend to Bovec on a road;
  • Mountain bike route from Sedlo, a new, very challenging MTB descent for experienced mountain bikers, who are taken by Kanin Cable car to Station D (2,202 m), from where they ascend to 2,292 m and then pedals through the picturesque valley Krnica.
Estimate your psychophysical condition, knowledge and experience when choosing a cycling route. Use suitable equipment and respect nature. It is not allowed to ride a bike outside of written MTB routes. We advise you to hire a guide.

Kanin Cable car – Price List of MTB Rides for Cyclists     

Kanin Cable car information:

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Javni zavod Sončni Kanin
Dvor 43, 5230 Bovec

T: +386 5 917 9301


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Brv čez Sočo pri Jablanci

by Hannes Klausner

Bicycle Ride | moderate

Cycling tour to Kal Koritnica and Čezsoča

21.3 km

529 m

2:45 h

532 m