The Bovec airport in the Soča Valley

The Bovec airport in the Soča Valley


The sport airfield in Bovec is considered one of most beautiful airfields in the Alps. During the summer it attracts sailplane pilots from near and far. Take off and soaring is possible in nearly all weather conditions, since the runway is oriented in the direction of the two most frequent winds in the Bovec area and is very well maintained.

Panoramic flights

The nature in the surroundings of Bovec and the Julian Alps is wonderful from wherever we look at it; and yet, to experience the Soča valley and the peaks that surround it, from the bird’s-eye view. 


A jump with a parachute from an aircraft (skydiving) is certainly one of the most adrenaline and unforgettable experience. Apart from tandem jumps, Skydive Camp takes place in the Bovec airfield in the summer. 

This sport and tourist airport is located on the flat Bovško polje, surrounded by Alpine summits, which makes it unique among other sport airports in Slovenia. The airport is used for panoramic flights and for skydiving.

Activities at the Bovec airport:

  • panoramic flights,
  • motor aeroplane flights,
  • sailplane flights,
  • (tandem) skydiving,
  • aircraft modelling,
  • motor plane and sailplane pilot training,
  • ultralight motor planes and powered hang glider flights.

From 1 January 2017, the management of the Bovec Airport was officially taken over by AVIOFUN d.o.o.