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Hard Dog Race

Six legs, two hearts, one victory.

 Bovec, 6. 10. 2018; 8.00 - 18.00

Hard Dog Race is for individuals that like to actively spend time with their dog. The six kilometres long trail with sixteen obstacles is meant to test your endurance, agility and the bond between man and dog. You don’t need any special training to compete, but it’s useful if you run regularly and have a good working relationship with your dog.

The event is not only a sports competition, its goal is also to educate about responsible dog ownership, raise the level of culture of dog ownership and bring together like-minded individuals. With that porpoise each Hard Dog Race hosts experts from various fields - from dog training to dog massage and physiotherapy - that are available to participants and visitors for advice and consultation.


So, if you and your dog like new experience and aren’t afraid of a little water and mud, then accept the challenge and show us what you are made of!

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