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Bovec marathon

The Bovec Marathon with its tracks along the emerald Soča River and through the hidden parts of the surroundings of Bovec is definitely one of the most beautiful and enjoyable runs. Next Bovec marathon: 14. September 2019!

Bovec marathon: Saturday, 14. September 2019

The Bovec Marathon tracks are carefully chosen; every single one of them leads through the pristine nature and hidden parts of the surroundings of Bovec with a touch of history. The marathon offers a great pleasure of running along the emerald Soča River. This makes the Bovec Marathon a non-classic marathon, nothing like big city marathons: this one offers something more. Running over the hanging bridges and on natural paths – almost one half of the track is unpaved. The marathon runners will run around the entire Bovec basin, from Bovec through the villages of Žaga, Srpenica and Log Čezsoški to Čezsoča, further to Jablanca and along the Soča to the valley of Lepena where they will turn back, run through the village of Kal-Koritnica, through Kolovrat, arriving almost underneath the Kluže fortress, where they will cross the bridge and run back to Bovec.

The Bovec Marathon has definitely the most beautiful track that cannot leave you indifferent. A marathon for running hedonists you should not miss!

Apart from the marathon itself, there will be numerous side events for competitors and their supporters.

Official webpage of Bovec Marathon