Dolina Soče

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Potato Night

This folklore and entertainment event, named after čompe (potatoes), provides an excellent opportunity for local producers and people with an interest in local heritage to come together and meet.

Bovec, 10. 8. 2019

The centre of Bovec serves as a venue for dance, theatre and music performances by local groups and bands, which keep the memory alive and make an important contribution to preserving the local cultural heritage. The event is famous for offering typical local delicacies such as frika (a dish of potatoes, cheese and pancetta), potato dishes, Bovec cheese and potato pizza.

Potato night is organised by the Bovec Tourism Association and is usually held in August.

Admission is free.


Turistično društvo Bovec
Trg golobarskih žrtev 8, 5230 Bovec

M: +386 40 348 160