TOP 10 sights in the Soča valley


Explore the most beautiful natural and cultural pearls of the Soča Valley. Wander between the picturesque rivers, listen to the energy of the loud and magical waterfalls and explore the historical sights of the First World War.

The Soča Valley will enthuse you with many creations of nature and rich history, which unveils itself to visitors in the many treasuries of the museums. The emerald river Soča has shaped a valley full of superlatives.

Do not miss out on the most beautiful natural and cultural sights:

  • Visit the glorious Tolmin Gorges, the lowest entry point into the Triglav National Park. The only gorges in the Slovenian territory, which flow together into a confluence, are connected by a circular footpath.
  • Colour your day emerald and let yourself be overwhelmed by the Great Soča Gorge.  Explore the wild pools, which are intertwined into a 750-metre-long gorge that is only a few metres wide and opens onto deep emerald pools at the end.
  • Take your time to respect the stories that are told by the Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca. This wooden shrine with the renowned European Cultural Heritage label is the most beautiful monument of the First World War in Slovenia.
  • Dive into the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Soča Valley stored by the Tolmin Museum. There, the highlight is the incredible archaeological finds and memories of the great peasant revolt which marked the area in 1713.
  • Let yourself be overwhelmed by the mysterious, 15-metre-high Kozjak waterfall, captured in a dark, stony chamber. This heavenly corner with a photogenic green pool is one of the most beautiful areas of protected nature.
  • Feel the power of mighty nature and the kingdom of hidden routes of the Kanin waters. See the Boka waterfall, the most water-rich and mightiest Slovenian waterfall with a total height of 144 metres.
  • Take a walk to the foot of the Kanin mountain range, where the 12-metre-high Virje waterfall proudly flows. The watery locks spread out into a fairy-tale pool, between the lush vegetation and the moss-covered rocks.
  • Take a few moments to discover the heritage of the First World War. The famous Kobarid museum with its rich presentation of the Isonzo Front heritage, tells sensitive stories of hard and bloody days next to the Soča river.
  • Enter the historically marked space, co-created by the mighty Kluže Fort. It is now a museum preserving memories of former Turkish invasions, Napoleon’s army and the attacks in the First World War.
  • Enrich your wanderings through the untouched nature with new knowledge. Dom Trenta, the Triglav National Park Information Centre and Trenta Museum, presents the beauties of alpine nature and the diverse ethnological legacy of the resilient life in Trenta.