TOP 10 list for an Exciting Winter in Soča Valley


If you like the chilly thrill of winter sports, you’ll love Soča Valley in the winter.

TOP 10 list for an Exciting Winter in Soča Valley

1. Skiing at Kanin

Skiing at over 2,000 m of altitude with a view of the Alps and the Adriatic Sea is a unique experience. The sunny Kanin, connected to the Italian ski resort Sella Nevea, will enthuse you with an incredible mountainous ambience and natural snow that lasts until late spring.

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2. Deep emerald colour of the Soča River

Winter ❄️ or Summer ☀️? It doesn't matter.. The Soča River will amaze you any time of the year…

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3. Cross-country skiing

Between the mighty alpine peaks, under the famous Loška stena (Log pod Mangartom) cross-country rambles are a true adventure.

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4. Zipline

Lose the ground under your feet for a change and embark on an unforgettable flight. The adrenaline enthusiasts can choose between two zipline parks, which are among the top European parks. Ideal activity for all who want to see how the snowy valley looks from the sky.

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5. Enjoy magical moments in nature with winter hiking

Snow has been scarce this winter, but there is just enough for magical hikes like the one to Krn Lakes. 

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6. Some adventure parks are opened also in winter time

The specialty of the adventure parks in the Soča Valley is that they are reasonably placed and do not merely offer the adrenaline experience, but also the exploration of nature and are an excellent choice for families.

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7. Ice climbing in the Soča Valley

In the low winter temperatures, the waterfalls around Bovec transform into a paradise for ice climbers.

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8. Museums 

Those who like to research the military history, can visit the corners and the areas of the Soča Valley, where the mighty battles used to rage. Kobarid Museum is opened every day through a year.

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9. Mt. Kolovrat

The peaks of Kolovrat offer many opportunities for easy winter walks and beautiful views. On the snowy road below the peak there is also a tobogganing.


10. For the end of a winter time, visit The Drežnica Carneval

The Drežnica Carnival is a very old traditional Carnival of pagan origin. The wooden masks are carved out by the boys themselves thus passing the lively cultural heritage on from generation to generation. In 2019 The Drežnica Carneval will be on 2nd March.

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