Discover the Soča valley in new ways!


Snorkelin, river walking, tubing, canyoning and more.

Snorkelling in Soca gorges • You'll discover beautiful Soča gorge carved by chrystal clear Soča river, swim in hidden parts of Soča valley and encounter the biggest trout fish. Only feel your heart racing when jump from the cliff. Read more >
River walking in Ucja canyon • You'll explore walking and swimming deep in lush nature of Ucja river canyon. You'll reenergize in natural pools among 20m glittery rock walls, hike through impressive boulder gardens in the forest. Read more >

Tubing on Soca river • You'll chill outdoors wiggling on tubes on Soča river under the foothills of Julian Alps. You'll enjoy melodious birds and full mountain panorama while soaking your feet in emerald river. Read more >
All day canyoning in Slovenia and Italy • All day canyoning adventures take you through impressive creeks of Predelica canyon, Globoški cascades with Uccea canyon, majestic Volarja and Grmečica in Slovenia. You'll see the World differently on the top of hidden waterfalls.
From 15th July you'll explore mighty falls of Rio Simon canyon in Italy. Read more >

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