BOFF 2011


5. Bovec Outdoor Film Festival

boff 2011


5. BOFF – Bovec Outdoor Film Festival

We present you the festival of film, sport, ecology and nature. We named it BOFF – Bovec Outdoor Film Festival, by the town where the Festival will take place for already the 5th year in a row. This year the Festival takes place as an independent event for the 3rd time. The Festival includes different events, besides the films there are also different lectures, seminars, exhibitions, competitions and workshops. Sports association Drča with the Municipality of Bovec invites you to send your movie for 5th Bovec Outdoor Film Festival – BOFF, which will take place in Bovec, Slovenija, from December 28th to 30th 2011.

We anticipate the pleasure of authors, to read the Call for entry 2011, and send us the Entry form 2011 in regular time.



Main goal and purpose of BOFF is presenting the sport, as well as making promotion for healthy life, social gathering and giving inspiration for creativity. Most of all those who visit Bovec are also athletes and ambassadors of those sports, so the program BOFF offers should give a new aspect of sport, as well.

BOFF is international movie festival located in attractive Bovec, which is settled in north/west corner of Slovenia. Different outdoor movies, as well as short sport and documentary movies are performed, also we will display movies from nature environment and ecology.

Our main goal is to offer quality repertoire of movies and side events for visitors. Our audience is mostly population with experiences from wide aspect of sports, also topics of movies screened on BOFF. More about themes and values of movies are expressed in categories and archive.

Besides that the promotion of destination of excellence Bovec – The valleys of inspiration is also one of the purposes of this event. The organizer’s goal is to turn BOFF into recognizable brand and festival with tradition.

To be bigger and more attractive for mainstream public is necessary to add some side events, like exhibitions, fairs, lectures, sport competitions, etc.